Seven Forty Seven
A visual information superhighway. All original photography and writing by Jonathan Soch; not quickly shot out, but quickly absorbed.
Seven Forty Seven
In the valley of the lot, in the guard of the river (2014).
Boreal Mountain Ski Resort (2013).
Five of us drove out to the residual snows of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevadas today; on the way back I was looking out the other window past Andrew and the mountains were gray in the failing light. It was dark by the time we drove past Boreal.
Nicaraguan Boa II (2013).
Nicaraguan Boa (2013).
Shot using a homemade lightbox, three-point diffused lighting.
Vapor (2013).
Silence in perpetual blessing, the long sigh of the days where everyone was happy and the residue of that happiness stretched way into the future (2013).
Julian, CA II (2013).
Julian, CA I (2013).
A simple panorama with two pictures.
Infinite longing, and infinite reality (2013).
Shot with my Canon T3i, extremely high ISO.
The trees and the worshipers that remind me of all that I’ve ever wanted to be (2013).
I took this with Ilford 100 Professional B&W film, silver-gelatin processed.